Friday, June 17, 2011

JET 1642

               The Jet JWL-1642EVS appears to be a awesome lathe for the hobbyist or even for the professional turner. Woodworkers love to have the biggest and the best tool for the job. The JET 1642 looks like it can do the job without breaking the bank.
                Lets look at some of its features. It comes in 2 different models. One has a 1 1/2 hp motor and runs on 110v. The other has a 2 hp motor and runs on 220v. They both weigh in at over 400 lbs which will greatly reduce vibration. With a swing of 16" and 42" between centers it will handle most turnings. The 3 phase motors gives it the ability to have variable speeds from 0 to 3,200 RPM. The low RPM of this machine is a most if you are wanting to turn large out of round blanks.
                I would like to hear from people who have this lathe or who have used one. HAPPY TURNING 

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