Sunday, November 13, 2011

Adding carving to your woodturning.

     I thought I would write about my newest endeavor today. That is adding carving to my turnings. Here is my first try at it. This is a bowl turned from a piece of iron wood that I put into the microwave and dried very quickly. I always do that when I am turning a new variety of wood it allows me to see what the wood is going to do. After the bowl was dry it was put back on the lathe and turned back to a round shape.

    So now after it was returned into a round bowl the iron wood did not have much design in the grain so I figured carving and painting would go good with it. I drew tree in the bottom of the bowl with a pencil then used my carving tools on it. Afterwards I used paints to bring the details out. It was finished with a few coats of poly for protection.

     This next piece is a natural edged pecan bowl. On this one I carved a rose on the outside of the bowl. It is also painted and coated with poly.

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