Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Frantic about first arts show

Sorry about the lack of writing lately but life took hold of me. I have been getting ready to do my first arts and crafts fair. It will be held on April the 21st in Philadelphia Mississippi.Other than that we have had quiet a few issues on the home front so not much time lately to just sit down and type ( or peck really since I'm not much at typing). I will try to get pictures up of my work that I am taking to the show just as soon as I can get it ready. I will also try to write about the whole experience for anyone who is interested. Thanks and I hope to get back soon.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Spalted sweet gum weathered bowl

This is a spalted sweet gum bowl. The wood came from a neighbors yard after the tree had died. It spalted while the tree was standing. The tree finally fell during a little storm one night so I helped them clean it up and saved a few pieces of wood from it. I gave the outside of the bowl a weathered look. I used CA glue to harden the wood after turning since sweet gum is soft even when not half rotten. The inside has mineral oil finish and the outside has a high gloss poly. It is 4” tall and almost 8” wide. If you would like to look at my new website go to wood and dreams. Thanks